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BBM has cultivated a wide-network of manufacturing, design and industry partners who can deliver a wide array of products to our commercial and government clients. Our manufacturing partners have decades of experience by ISO-certified standards and delivery consistently-reliable products that are tested and trusted worldwide.

Scorpius Tactical is Reno, Nevada based retailer of tactical products, ammunition, firearm parts, targets and body armor. Scorpius has been supporting BBM with variety of accessory product and also carries small assortment of BBM ammunition in various calibers.

Bornaghi is world-renowned Italian manufacturer of shotgun ammunition, named after its founder Franco Bornaghi, a European and World champion shooter. The Bornaghi cartridge has been in demands since 1960 and BBM is proud to carry a portfolio of shotgun cartridges produced by Bornaghi under its Gladio brand.

Denel Pretoria Metal Pressings is the largest manufacturer of small and medium-caliber munitions in South Africa and has been producing ammunitions since 1938.

Igman d.d. Konjic is a government manufacturer of small arms ammunition ranging from 9 – 12.7mm located in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Igman produces quality NATO and Soviet cartridges for duty ammo as well as portfolio of hunting ammunition cartridges since 1953.

ZVS is a manufacturer of 9mm pistol and rifle cartridges in Slovakia. The company has been in operation since 1938 and has been providing munitions to government sector for over 80 years.

Ruag Ammotec is manufacturer of quality German-brand sporting and duty ammunition brands such as RWS, Geco, Rottweil. Ruag is a mainstay of European ammunition production and has been in continuous operation for over 100 years.

Silver Bullet Gun Works is a great source for firing
our rounds through machine guns along with
handling your gun smiting needs!


Cartuchos Internacional is a manufacturer of small-caliber rimfire ammunition and shotgun cartridges from Mexico. CI has been supplying international market with quality ammunition for past 25 years.


bbmun9U.S. Ordnance is forging its own distinct mark on American history.
Since 1997, the Nevada based corporation has built military small arms, machine guns and replacement parts, with precision and superb workmanship.

bbmun20Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) was founded in 1980 to provide the US military, law enforcement and government agencies with high quality weapons, components and modular weapon systems.


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