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Below are some examples of how BBM ammunition is packaged and how it is consistently evaluated for performance, accuracy, reliability and venues for possible improvement. In cooperation with our partners we continuously carry out inspections of every manufactured lot and strive to improve our acceptance and appeal among the shooting public.

223 REM Ammo testing

Testing of 12.7 NATO FMJ Ball

Testing of 7.62 NATO linked

BBM sealed ammunition case opening instructions

BBM 407 GT helicopter Bell 407 variant

Water Testing of BBM's sealed 223 Remington Ammo

7.62x39 Evaluation, Mid Grade Cartridges

Denel NTW 20mm Rifle

Neopup 20mm PMP

NeoStrike 20mm Test Firing

Flat Trajectory Testing

Test of High Cycle feature using 9x19mm BBM

Submerge Ammo

Submerged ammo
Sealed battlepacks can be entirely immersed in water
without any problems (Suggested usage: keep one in
your toilet tank to reduce water usage and have one
ready just in case something hits the fan).

Sealed Ammo

Sealed ammo
Ammunition is safely stored until ready to use.



Feeding ammo
And when you use it, it will perform like you expect it –
consistently reliable and designed for the high rate of fire.

BBM carries out its own evaluation of product performance as a quality control and maintenance of house-brands and any import brands it offers on the US market. We test the products for compatibility with our “battle-branded” elements of performance: CONSISTENT RELIABILITY tm, HIGH CYCLE tm, FLAT TRAJECTORY tm and SHARPSHOOTER tm or SUB-MOA tm elements.

Below are several examples of tests carried out by BBM or affiliated entities in the test or competition settings.